These devotional books did not come by intellect or striving but were received by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit as God’s words were impressed upon the author’s heart. Each devotional book for you to freely download reflects a different aspect of the heart of the Triune Person of God: the Father, Son – Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

Heart of the Father

Written in First-person from God the Father’s heart unto yours, this devotional offers a glimpse into the glorious riches of God’s desire and love for you, waiting to be explored through the wonder of His Son Jesus. The anointing of God’s Holy Spirit is on these pages to stir in your heart a greater longing to journey more deeply into the secrets hidden within God the Father’s heart, so that you may walk more closely with Him.

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The Hidden Life and Beauty of Jesus: A 28 day devotional

The pinnacle of all life and success comes from finding your delight and satisfaction in Jesus Christ. Indeed, the wonder and beauty found in Jesus, trump every pleasure this world can ever offer.

The following devotional book will help you begin to discover by the Holy Spirit the joy of letting go of your life so you may experience the glory of His.

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Heart of the Holy Spirit: An Action Devotional

Do you want to grow closer to the Holy Spirit in your everyday life but don’t know where to start? Do you want His power and ability to flow through you in greater measure?

Heart of the Holy Spirit: An action devotional is a series of short meditations which reveal the Holy Spirit’s tender affection towards you and desire to empower you to be more like Jesus. Each meditation and corresponding Scripture has a suggested prayer and a practical action to implement in your daily life.

If you want to be more intentional about deepening your relationship with the Holy Spirit then this book is for you.

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Dear Bride: Letters from Jesus the Bridegroom to His Betrothed

“Dear Bride” is a series of 12 love letters written in the First-person from Jesus, the Bridegroom, to His Church- His Bride, for this very hour.

Each letter was inspired by the Holy Spirit to draw you closer to Jesus, so you may receive a deeper revelation of His love for you and live as His Bride in greater oneness with Him.

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